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Mobile Dev Company

Based on trends. Backed by tech.

We are iOS developers focused on trend niches and an easy-to-use user experience.

Graphic & Design

Photo & Video

Health & Fitness

With the Right People, Great Things Can Happen

Great projects are born from fateful meetings


So, the co-founders of Kitchen Apps LLC met, bringing together into a single whole:


  • Strong iOS developing skills (over 30 years of development experience)

  • Strong analytical & marketing skills

  • Creative thinking


And now we are passionate about


  • Study of user needs

  • Market trends research

  • Development of technically complex but easy-to-use products

  • AI-solutions


Products are coming soon

  • Remove Video Background

  • Lock Screen Widgets

  • Blur Video


Remove Video Background

for iOS-16

Lock Screen Widgets


Blur Video

Kitchen Apps LLC

If you have any questions or suggestions,

please contact us

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